'Under African Skies'

BLR Project Manager Eddie Neylon was invited to attend the South African extravaganza at Sandstone to familiarize himself with the railway engines and rolling stock. He said "The Sandstone Estates Farm is definitely heaven on earth for any rail enthusiast and I had the privilege to be able to experience driving these steam trains around the many miles of track."

The Sandstone Estates and Heritage trust is a progressive modern farm and major organic producer in the Eastern Free State of South Africa, located on the western boarder of Lesotho and beside the majestic back drop of the Maluti Mountain Range.

During late March and early April 2006, Sandstone hosted the 'Under African Skies' extravaganza and 'Cosmos Festival', where narrow gauge steam railway enthusiasts from all over the world were invited to experience driving and operating the extensive collection of restored trains and rolling stock on the heritage site. The extravaganza was timed to coincide with the flowering of Sandstone's abundant crop of Cosmos flowers which made a spectacular backdrop to the event. This was followed by the Cosmos Festival where the public were enthralled by an amazing display of the preserved vintage agricultural and rail equipment in action.

Beaulieu Light Railway (BLR) enjoys a close relationship with the Sandstone Estates (see the web link page for more information on Sandstone) and will shortly be featuring rail equipment on loan from Sandstone at the Beaulieu Attractions in the New Forest.

BLR project manager Eddie Neylon cleaning
the smoke tubes on the Decanville.

'Bathala' the French Decauville engine
heading for the hills at Sandstone.

Full steam ahead with the Hunslett
Team from Statfold Barn.

Roaming in the Gloaming -
The Decauville and cosmos flowers.

Resting the Decauville by the Maluti Mountains.

'Little Bess' the Wren engine leaving the sheds.

'Little Bess' with the Lawley in the background.

A little engine traffic jam.

'Little Bess' on
Sandstone Estate tours.

The Lawley warming through at
Hoekfontien Station on the Sandstone Estate.

Our friends from the Welsh
Highland Railway with the Lawley.

The Lawley meandering
through a Cosmos grove.

Peaceful journey at Sandstone.