The Beaulieu Light Railway project is being developed in alliance with the Sandstone Heritage Trust in South Africa. This remarkable collection has as many locomotives and vintage agricultural vehicles as Beaulieu has cars, in addition to which there is an extensive narrow gauge railway serving the 12,000 acre Sandstone Estate.

In a programme aimed at exchanging both expertise and exhibits, the Sandstone Heritage Trust has indicated its willingness to loan a range of vintage locomotives to operate the line. This is a very exciting partnership as the Sandstone collection has some of the oldest working 2 foot gauge engines in the world. This includes a 1899 0-4-0 Decauville and an 1895 4-4-0 Lawley, both of which would be the ideal size for operating trains at Beaulieu.

The 1899 Decauville driven by Ailsa Montagu at Sandstone.